Email Campaigns

Email marketing is by far one of the strongest digital marketing tools. It has stood the test of time, beaten expectations and performed with nagging optimism. It has one of the highest ROI’s in the industry and this in itself is testament to its capacity to drive higher revenues. The only thing that makes it dangerous is that if not done well, it can back fire right on your face.

We understand this and with over a decade in email marketing, we have some serious experience to back you up. Our software, Email campaigner has been designed with a lot of thought going into it. It is smart, resourceful and tactful. Email marketing today is dangerous when done without the necessary fail safes in place.

Email campaigner has incorporated them in every stage, making sure that your emails reach the prospect, night or day, in the best possible time. Pre-loaded templates make sure that you do not get spammed, programs which carefully ensure that the required number of emails go out-not more, not less.

Every aspect of the email marketing process has been understood and used to create this instrument. Analytics form a very integral part of email marketing too. It is part and parcel of our program. All aspects of the email campaign are closely tracked. Reports are generated on the go. Making sense of this data is the hardest part and it is easy to create a rosy picture with selective data. We see it the way it is and report findings. This can not only give you a lot of value and help you in understanding any issues which may crop up, but it also helps in eliminating these issues.